1970 Ampeg
Gemini-22 Restoration Project
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Chassis internals complete

Chassis finished. Three-prong cord added, new standby switch replacing the iffy original and original inspection tag reglued in place. I repaired the bass pot on Channel Two by opening the original and replacing the shaft/wiper assembly while keeping the original case. All pots and jacks were cleaned and the chassis and boards polished/cleaned.

Bottom Chassis

Cleaned and polished underside. Tubes replaced as needed. Now it's ready for new mounting brackets.

Measure once . . .

Measuring new shield for chassis top.

Closer . . .

Shield cut, drilled and screwed into place. Note the prototype aluminum chassis mounts. My friend Robbie and I decided to pattern and test the design out of easier, workable aluminum before going with the final steel version.

Chassis complete

Chassis complete and ready for mounting. New steel mounts drilled and painted. Note one of the power tubes pulled. I actually replaced the Sovteks shown here with Rubys. Back panel cleaned and touched up as well. On to the cabinet . . .

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